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Transactional Services

  • Execution of foreign exchange trades on behalf of clients.
    Our service allows clients to focus on their core business while we conduct and execute foreign exchange transactions on their behalf. Clients remain in control of their currency risk position while Silhouette Capital performs transactions only on instruction of the client.
  • Negotiation of exchange rates with corporate banks.
    Silhouette Capital has access to the best possible rates and daily market information. This is achieved through continued monitoring of the daily markets via systems such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg. This enables Silhouette Capital to negotiate the best foreign exchange rates for clients. Past experience has shown that we improve client's exchange rates by 1% to 5%. Silhouette Capital combines client trades and achieve beneficial rates by applying the principle of economies of scale.
  • Obtaining comparative quotations from corporate banks when executing trades.
    Silhouette Capital has strong relationships with all the leading banks in Southern Africa. We encourage clients to deal their foreign exchange transactions through more than one commercial bank which will allow us to obtain comparative quotations when executing transactions.
  • Assist clients in making informed decisions regarding the timing of their foreign exchange transactions.
    Our extensive market knowledge and experience allows us to advice clients when to execute transactions.